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Tips on Improving Your Singing Voice

Most singers – both amateur and professional – would want to see their singing voice improve. Perhaps they have difficulty in hitting that right pitch or they could not reach those high or low notes as they should. To improve your singing voice, you need to work on both physical and vocal techniques. By doing these techniques, you will be able to increase the quality of your singing.

Improve Your Singing Voice

When you talk about physical techniques, this refers to postures and positions of your body that you should strictly observe while you are singing. Many singers who sing with a stooped posture are unaware that the way they carry their bodies is the reason for their voices not reaching their full potential. In the case of a stooped posture, having a curved and slumped back actually prevents the full contraction and expansion of your abdominal muscles, particularly your diaphragm. Having such a bad posture produces a voice that is weak in projection. Plus, you tend to lose your breath faster.

Improve Singing: Breathing Control

Also included in physical techniques is breathing control. Breathing techniques enables you to have greater control over the notes that you produce in your larynx. One very good technique is called Appogiare. Here, you inhale deeply while using your abdominal muscles to push the diaphragm upwards. As the diaphragm rises, you simultaneously push more air into your lungs and up to your vocal chords. When you exhale, you need to keep your sternum lifted so as to exert control on air pressure in the vocal chords. Appogiare is a very important technique to learn for singers who can’t sustain notes for a prolonged period.

Other good examples of physical techniques include lip formation, palate control, and correct tongue placement.

Learn Vocal Techniques

Secondly, you also need to learn the vocal techniques to improve your singing. Sadly, these techniques are much too complicated to go into detail in this article and are best taught by a professional voice coach. However, the specific vocal techniques that you will need to learn include how to increase your vocal range, the proper pronunciation of consonant and vowel sounds while singing, the identification and singing of correct pitch, the creation of full, solid sounds, increasing amplitude, how to sustain and end notes, how to put emotion in your singing, and creating resonance through throat techniques.

In addition to these, you will also need to be taught the proper way to hold and to sing into a microphone. You also need to learn about stage presentation and maintaining stage presence, as well as how to make a connection with your audience.

If you are determined to improve your singing voice, it is highly recommended that you seek training from a professional voice coach. He or she will be able to teach you more tips on improving your singing voice today.

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